Welcome note of the German Knee Society: Prof. Dr. Stefan Hinterwimmer

Dear colleagues,

This year the international International 3D-Surgery Course takes place in Munich for the first time. After four very successful courses in Istanbul since 2015, the course will be held at the LMU Munich with its long tradition in deformity surgery.
As a former member of the LMU surgery team and current part of the board of the German Knee Society, it is a great pleasure for me personally to announce this course.

The course is under the patronage of the German Knee Society, which was founded in Munich in 2012 to support knee surgery both scientifically and in education and practical training.
All essential aspects of deformity surgery near the knee joint are part of the course, including drawing and cadaver labs. Therefore, the course is recognized as module 2 of the DKG curriculum for knee surgeons.

Experienced and highly regarded international instructors are part of the faculty and are individually available as instructors in the workshops.
We are happy to welcome you together in Munich!

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hinterwimmer

Welcome note of the director of the hosting Department of General,Traumaand Reconstructive Surgery, University Hospital, LMU Munich: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böcker

Dear colleagues,

I am honoured to welcome you to the 5th international 3D-Surgery Course in Munich!
Munich has a long tradition in the reconstructive surgery of long bones. More than one hundred years ago Lexer, a former director of our clinic published his work on the reconstruction of long bones with allogenic transplants. In 1978 Witt applied the fully implantable, electric driven lengthening plate to successfully treat a 7cm leg length discrepancy. And in the early years of limb lengthening by fully implantable nails, the first fully implantable, motor-driven nail for limb lengthening and bone transport was established in our clinic by Betz and Baumgart in 1990.
10 years ago the Section for 3D-Surgery which stands for bony Defects, Deformities and leg length Discrepancies was established in our clinic as a future generation in this field. And in 2015 a Turkish- German group initiated the very successful annual “Intercontinental” 3D-Surgery Course in Istanbul. The course in 2019 will be held in Munich to celebrate 10 years of 3D-Surgery.
Again the organizing committee has created an excellent program, with a distinguished, international faculty from three continents, which will provide the right setting for an instructive and exciting course with stimulating discussions.
The meeting will be held in the historic downtown campus of the University Hospital of the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in the heart of Munich. The historic Anatomical Institute is newly renovated and offers the best conditions for all kinds of instructional meetings including a huge and dignified necropsy hall.
Around the meeting, I want to encourage you to get an idea of the various worth seeing places in walking distance and around in Munich. Our city is also well known for the world largest folk festival: the Oktoberfest. After the course, on Saturday you might take the chance to join the opening of this unique event which then lasts for two more weeks.
I wish you an enjoyable time in Munich!

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böcker

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