Aims and Objectives

At the end of the course the participants will understand:

Principles of patient evaluation for 3D-Surgery

Principles of preoperative analysis

Principles for planning of 3D-Surgery (End-Point-Planning)
Deformity correction with plates

Analysis and programming of hexapod driven corrections

Limblengthening and deformity correction nails

Various osteotomy types and fixation techniques

Course Format

Interactive lectures

Drawing lab for analysis & planning of osteotomies around the knee

Labs for plates, hexapod systems, nails and blocking screws

Case discussions

Cadaver lab

Main Topics

Main Topics

Clinical and radiological evaluation and preoperative planning

Osteotomy Techniques

Fixation techniques and intra-operative assesment of correction

Drawing Labs (End-Point-First-Method)

Sawbone Labs

Pediatric 3D-Surgery

Management strategies in bone defects and infection

Cadaver Lab