5th International 3D-Surgery Course – 10 Years of 3D-Surgery 
18th – 21st Of September 2019
Wednesday 18th: Deformity Correction with Plates    
10:00 Welcome Ceremony    
  Welcome and Introduction   PH Thaller, M Küçükkaya, S Hinterwimmer
  Welcome note from the director of the Department of General, Trauma and  Reconstructive Surgery,
University Hospital, LMU Munich
  W Böcker
  Welcome note from the president of the Orthopaedic Trauma Osteosynthesis –  Turkish trauma assosiation (OTO)    K Durak 
  Opening lecture from the president of the Gerhard Küntscher Society     G Gradl
10:30-11:30 Analysis and Planning for Defomity correction Chairs K Durak, S Qin
  Radiologic standards for analysis and planning    F Chen
  Analysis and EPF-Planning for osteotomies around the knee   F Wolf
  Current status of 3-dimensional imaging    J Fürmetz
  The etiology and classification of lower extremity deformities in China: A statistical analysis of 35075 cases   S Qin
11:30-11:45 Coffee Break    
11:45-13:15 Drawing Lab for Osteotomies around the Knee**    
  Analysis of long standing radiographs and
End-Point-First-Planning (EPF) of osteotomies for plates around the knee
  A Abulaban, M. Bilgili, F Chen, N Degen,
F Göksu, S.Sökücü, PH Thaller, F Wolf
13:15-14:00 Lunch    
14:00-14:45 Tips and Tricks for Osteotomies Around the Knee Chairs S Hinterwimmer, J Fürmetz
  Osteotomy principles & techniques    F Wolf
  Intra-operative alignment control: The x-ray grid method    N Degen
  Osteotomies around the knee – influence on joint stability   S Hinterwimmer
14:45-16:00 Sawbone Lab for Locking Plates Around the Knee**    
  Locking plate for proximal medial tibia open wedge    J Fürmetz, S Hinterwimmer, M Kucukkaya,
DH Lee, PH Thaller 
  Locking plate for distal medial femur closed wedge  
16:00-16:15 Coffee Break     
16:15-17:30 Various Osteotomies around the Knee Chairs S Hinterwimmer, DH Lee
  Supracondylar Plating for Alignment and Detorsion   S Hinterwimmer
  Plating for deformity correction at the proximal tibia   DH Lee
  Combined Osteotomies   J Fürmetz
  MPFL, osteotomy or both?    P Ahrens 
  Osteotomies in recurrent patella dislocation   DH Lee
  Discussion and case presentations on patella dislocation  (cases invited – BYO)   Participants & Faculty of the Day
17:30-17:45 Closing of the Day – Awards for Best Workshop Results**   Faculty of the Day
18:00 Shuttle for Course Dinner    
Thursday 19th: 3D-Surgery by Nails and Lengthening Nails    
09:00 – 10:00 Analysis, Planning and Techniques Chairs K. Aktuğlu, F Wolf
  Analysis and End-Point-First-Planning (EPF) for lengthening and deformity correction with nails   F Wolf
  Deformity correction far from the knee with im-nails   PH Thaller
  Pushing the limits in nailing for trama   PH Thaller
  Aspects in lengthening of the humerus with im-nails   N Degen
10:00 – 10:15 Coffee break and Visit of Industry Exhibition    
10:15 – 12:00 Drawing Lab**    
  Video-Session: Digital Analysis and digital EPF-Planning    PH Thaller
  Analysis and End-Point-First-Planning (EPF) for
 simultaneous lengthening and deformity correction of femur and tibia 
  A Abulaban, M. Bilgili, F Chen, N Degen,
F Göksu, S.Sökücü, PH Thaller, F Wolf
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch    
13:00-15:00 Sawbone Labs  & Blocking Screws Trainer for Nails    
  A) Limblengthing and defomity correction with a fully implantable, magentic driven nail**     M Kuccukaya, Team
  B) Defomity correction with retrograde femur nail   PH Thaller, Team
  C) Blocking screws for deformity correction with nails “3D model-bone” lab for blocking screws   O Poyanlı, Team
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break    
15:15-16:00 Techniques  Chairs M Küçükkaya,  S Sökücü
  The South Korean experience of PRECICE/STRYDE nail   DH Lee
  Monofocal deformity correction with nails – retrograde femur    PH Thaller
  Suprapatellar nailing technique in correction of tibial deformities   S Sökücü
  Lengthening nails in pediatric cases   M Küçükkaya
16:00-17:15 Digital Drawing Lab                                                                             Location: Computer Lab – Chirurgische Klink   A Abulaban, M. Bilgili, F Chen, N Degen,
F Göksu, S.Sökücü, PH Thaller, F Wolf
  Digital analysis and End-Point-First-Planning (EPF) by easy access software  
17:15-18:00 Augmented Reality Lab                                                                      Location: NARVIS Lab – Chirurgische Klink   U Eck, Team
18:00 Closing of the Day – Awards for Best Workshop Results**   Faculty of the Day
Friday 20th: 3D-Surgery by External Fixation  
09:00 – 10:30 Analysis and Planning , Techniques Chairs S Qin, K Tetsworth
  Mal-alignment test – analysis & planning – CORA method , osteotomy rules (Basic rules)   K Tetsworth
  Ilizarov technology combined with Qin’s surgical methods for the treatment of complex lower limb deformities.   S Qin
  Combined techniques for the safe correction of very large tibial rotational deformities in adults (IMN & Ex Fix)   K Tetsworth
  Management of shortening with combined deformities: Plates-Nails-Spider-TSF   M Küçükkaya
10:30 – 10:45 Coffee Break    
10:45 – 12:45 TSF Sawbone Lab**   K Tetsworth, Team
  What is different in TSF in terms of fixation principles,  hardware and software (Basic rules)    
  Deformity and fracture correction with TSF at sawbone    
  Application of Hexapod Frame for Acute Trauma    
12:45 – 13:30 Lunch     
13:30 – 14:30 Trauma and Foot and Ancle Chairs G Wozasek, YH Zhang
  Transverse tibia transport for the treatment of diabetic foot.   YH Zhang
  Circular frame for Trauma   G Wozasek
  Treatment of complex foot & ankle deformities combined with neurotrophic deficiency   YH Zhang
14:30 – 15:00 Coffee Break and Visit of Industry Exhibition    
15:00 – 17:00 Panel Discussion: Extensive Bone Loss Moderators S Qin, K Tetsworth
  Reconstruction by Autograft / Masqulet   K Tetsworth
  Bone Transport with Circular Frame (Pins/Wires)   S. Qin
  Bone Transport with Unilateral Fixation (Colinear Cable)    M Küçükkaya
  Bone Transport with Fully Implantable Nail    F Wolf
  Can Fibula Expansion become a New Solution?   PH Thaller
  Osseointegration: The Ultimate Post-traumatic Limb Reconstruction?   K Tetsworth
17:00 – 17:15 Closing of the Day – Awards for Best Workshop Results**   Faculty of the Day
17:15 – 20:00 Reception  in the “Mosaik Saal” and Guided Tour: The “Anatomical Collection”    
Saturday 21st: Cadaver Lab  
09:00 Introduction to the Cadaver Lab   M Küçükkaya, PH Thaller, F Wolf
  Cadaver Lab Part 1    
  X-ray grid method for intra-operative alignment control   F Wolf
  Retrograde femoral nail with realignment and torsion control    M. Bilgili
  Suprapatellar nailing for tibia   S Sökücü
  Minimal-invasive Fasciotomy of the anterior tibial compartment   PH Thaller
12:00-13:00  Lunch    
13:00 Cadaver Lab Part 2    
  Supracondylar realignment and detorsion by plate   S Hinterwimmer
  Minimal- invasive open wedge high tibial osteotomy    DH Lee
  Peroneal nerve exposure   K Tetsworth
15:00 Closing Remarks   M Küçükkaya, PH Thaller, F Wolf
     * Final program – subject to minor changes
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